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Oliver hopley mia full concepts 06

Full Body Concept Art

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Head Explorations


Oliver hopley uvset1 presentation

UV Set 1

Oliver hopley uvset1 presentation

UV Set 2

Teaser 2

Gjallarhorn, the story of a young viking girl running away from the spawn of Loki as she reaches the town of Utan she is too late the people of fled, she is on her own and must flee.

The project was done in 4 months using Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, SpeedTree and UE4

I was responsible for the creation of both characters I also worked on Particles, Camera's, Lighting, In Game Music Integration, Blueprints, and ensuring that the rig and animations were transferred into engine correctly.

I was fortunate to work on this project with a great team of people:
Ben Ashcroft - Environment / Tech Artist
Clarence Munji - Environment Artist
Ajay Arunan - Animation
Andrea Pavlou - Animation / Rigging
Giorgio Pennisi - Rigging

Jeremy Bridle - Music,Foley,Sound Design
Wilson Yeung - Music,Foley,Sound Design
Courtney King - Voice Actress

July 3, 2018